Move to trash. 

So I did it. I’ve started a fresh after much contemplating. I haven’t written a blog post in a while, months in fact and since then I am now a graduate. Yes, I am an adult and I am petrified. Ive started full time employment at my old job, four weeks in and I’ve enrolled in a course to become a student again. Who thought life was easy? 

So I guess this blog is all about distracting myself from the stresses of full time work and listening to customers swear and shout in my ear all day. (I work in a call centre, if you do as well, hats of to yer!) Importantly, I don’t want to lose my passion for writing because who knows when someone is going to give me that golden ticket to the world of magazine publishing. 

I’m still going to blog about beauty and fashion, that has not changed. I am still, even bigger, splurger on makeup.

See ya later 

Clo x 


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