Get ya self out there love.

Some of you might be wondering what the hell my previous few blog posts are all about; they are (were) my dissertation articles. I was sceptical about uploading, they had already been through hard analysis and criticism over the past months, but I’m bloody well chuffed with them. It’s a shame to leave them sitting in my folder named ‘university life.’ Just one folder that sums up my university experience and hard work.

Since finishing university, admittedly it has only been eight weeks (not that I’ve been counting), I have realised just how hard it is being thrown into adult life. University is all about that student bubble and the constant buzz you get from being independent and being surrounded by new and exciting things, you take it for granted. I guess you can say I am missing it. However, I am probably feeling a tad sorry for myself having been bed bound for the past two days with gastroenteritis and nothing better to do than mope about. Seriously though, it’s hard. I live in a small city, with not many prospects for graduate jobs, let alone trying to find something in the journalism and media field. I regret not taking an engineering or IT course because that’s all the vacancies are for. Maybe I should rethink my career plan….

It’s hard finding the time to write and to remember the thing you are most passionate about. Working 10 hour shifts, studying for my NCTJ and finding some time for social life, means writing is not so high on my priority list. From now though, it is.

Note to self : Maybe I should get gastroenteritis more often. (maybe not)

Lots of Love



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