Is it time to switch off?

Soaps are everywhere on TV with many being a religious part of someone’s life, I for one am a complete soap-aholic. Shamefully, of course. I mean, who wants to spend their evenings watching a fictionalised scream off between characters? The question is, why are we? Why do we want to come home after a long day at work to switch on the TV, for Kat Moon to have her assets on show, spewing in the gutter? I mean they don’t celebrate the good in society. Ratings of the popular soaps, EastEnders, Corrie and Emmerdale have declined rapidly over the years because of their dreary storylines that make us want to switch off; we have problems of our own, don’t we? Where’s the warm humour that was seen with Dot and Ethel or Jack and Vera? This has been lost through the competitive nature of soaps, competing for the most fabricated and depressing storyline.

TV Drama’s are there to give out a public service message combined with entertainment. For instance, EastEnders aired the very first gay kiss in 1989, which showed that this was normal, and this is real. However, now we are switching off the fabricated soaps and turning our interest to reality TV shows, such as Big Brother, Geordie Shore and Made in Chelsea. This is because they show us a real perception of the life around us. Look at EastEnders, everyone seems to be sitting in Ian Beale’s greasy cafe every morning, unable to make breakfast of their own, and don’t get me started on none of them having washing machines… None of this has interest to us. We want to see real relationships, family and friends having honest arguments, just like we do in real life.

The soaps seem to stick with long standing characters because they are seen as popular, what we need is new diverse fresh characters to shake Weatherfield and Albert Square up. Nowadays, the actors are more talked about than the characters that they play. There is no denying that soaps are fiction and fabricated in one way or another and they do inform us of subjects that are just too sensitive to talk about in normal conversation. The thing is, I don’t know how much dreariness of the storylines I can take before I switch off for good…


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