21 Things I've Learnt being 21

I don’t know about you but I’m feeling 22 and I have learnt a lot over this past year, not just cringey Taylor Swift lyrics. The past year has flew, and I remember last birthday being super duper excited about turning 21. Now, 22 feels more adult. Scary huh? I’ve decided to compile a list of 21 Things I’ve Learnt Being 21, good or not, I’ve had a crazy year. I’m not going to act like I have endless wisdom about life but I think this is a good place to start. Enjoy!

  1. I can’t hack Tequila – I’ve tried so many times to stomach it but I end up being a sicky mess right after. I want to love it because everyone else I know does, but I can’t. So yes, whilst you all have your sophisticated Tequilas, I’ll be on my apple sourz, thanks.
  2. I can handle criticism – I spent my last year at university being constantly criticised about the way I write. I spent endless hours mulling over one sentence and how I can make it attract the reader more – in the end people are still going to bloody read it if they’re interested aren’t they? Take it on the chin.
  3. The revolution of self help books- I’ve spent so much money on books that i hope, when read, would give me an urge to change the world and kickstart my prime minister dream, but it hasn’t, yet.
  4. I am beauty product mad 
  5. Sheffield – This city changed my life and made things happen
  6. Never go to a drive thru Maccys after a night out
  7. Always go to your 3rd year lectures
  8. Blogging – Restored my confidence in what I love to do. Never be afraid of the unknown guys.
  9. Ice Tea is the best hangover cure
  10. Never do a beast bomb in West Street Live if you actually want to stay alive 
  11. I can’t cook
  12. Look at the bigger picture – Finishing uni was scary and I was in a pretty pants job for a while but there’s no need to be down about it – you have a degree and you won’t be in that job for long. There will be an amazing opportunity just round the corner.
  13. Drinking wine gives me headaches 
  14. You can never have too many blankets 
  15. Uni friends are the best – A chance for a whole new set of people and the ones you end up crying in sadness and happiness to 24/7
  16. Be confident – Well why the hell not?
  17. I have an extensive knowledge about all things craft 
  18. Shit things happen but there’s always something good that is waiting for you 
  19. Work hard –If you really want something you will pursue it actively. I see so many people saying that they would love to do this and that – why don’t you? Ambitions and dreams don’t just come to you, go out and get em!
  20. Pub quizzes are my forte
  21. I am a shit adult 

So that’s it. My pearls of wisdom leaked out all over the Internet for you to enjoy. I raise my wine glass to the next year. Ching Ching!
Lots of love


P.s the below photo was taken the day after my birthday and proves that I will never learn when to stop drinking.


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