End of 2015 goals

Can you believe we have a mere 7 weeks of 2015 left? Anyone else feeling like someone has just sat on the fast forward button of life? This time of year is always such a stressful one, with everything just hitting you square in the face all at once, and you have no time to relax and….breathe. I want these last weeks to be as great as the whole 2015 has, so why not make a mental and physical list of goals.

Starting with…

Blog more: I bloody love blogging. It’s a great stress buster for me and I love writing about nonsense. Christmas is the perfect opportunity to dig out the dressing gown, put my feet up and switch

on the laptop.

Read the books I started at the beginning of the year: Uni happened, third year happened and so did hectic life. I will finish them.

Stop making excuses: You know the ones. “I don’t have time” “I’ll do it later” “it’s not important.” Yeah boo to that.

Be more organised: I want to be ready for 2016 as I have some big and probably mental plans.

Have fun and stop worrying: Did I blink and turn into a middle aged woman? No. So why am I worrying about money, life and hangovers? Live a little.

There’s also the usual eat healthy, stop spending my money on pointless objects, and stop using social media, but I’ll do that next year. 🙂

Anyone else got end of the year goals?
Lots of love,




  1. November 9, 2015 / 7:46 am

    What?? Seven weeks? Where did this year go?

    Goal for the end of 2015: make it to the end of 2015!

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