Make Up Storage/Bedroom Haul

Make Up Storage/Bedroom Haul

I don’t know whether it’s because I’m getting older, or at the prospect of moving out soon, but I love all things that make a room look pretty. I’ve spent a lot of time making my bedroom look cute and girly and also organised, so I thought I’d share with you my recent purchases.


 Glass Vase – The RangeIMG_1080

This was a recent purchase and I absolutely love it. Originally it was meant to be for putting tea lights in, but I think it looks great as a vase for flowers. I love the rustic glass with the gold heart and straw detail and I love that it has a vintage feel about it. At the moment I have pink roses in it but I can’t wait to experiment with different coloured flowers.




Postcards – Paperchase

I’ve been collecting postcards for a while now and it’s great if you’re having a bit of a down way as I find they are full of positivity to cheer you up! They are a really simple and cost effective way to personalise your room, and they take little space too.



Make Up Storage – IkeaIMG_1133

I spend so long trying to organise my make up and this acrylic storage is my savior. The acrylic storage is filled with make up I reach for everyday, and it’s great if you’re in a rush, which I usually am! It has a removable tray which I think is meant to be for make up brushes but I store everyday foundations and concealers in these. I just love how it has a lipstick compartment that allows lipsticks to stand upright so you can easily see each shade. Although this is quite big in size, it keeps everything tidy and compact and is great to store go to make up products.


Make Up Pots – Paperchase

I’ve had these pots for a while and I absolutely love them. I’ve stored, eyeliners, brow products and mascaras in these, and it’s great that there are three different sizes for you to easily identify what is in each pot. I love the pretty and girly design on them and I think they make a great addition amongst my other storage.

Make up Brush Pots – IMG_1116Ikea
Over the past few months I’ve brought a lot of make up brushes and spent a lot of money, so these pots are great for preventing damage to them and to keep them all together. One of the pots I’ve used is for base products and the other contains far more intricate brushes. I just love the lace detailing of the pots as it adds a really pretty touch.




Lipstick Holder – Tiger

Another make up storage solution is this heart shaped, acrylic lipstick holder. It contains my top 6 favourite lipsticks that I wear on a day to day basis and it makes my life a whole lot easier as it saves me having to root through my whole make up.


Jewellery Stand – Lake DistrictIMG_1086-0

I get really irritated if one my necklaces gets tangled and this grey bird, metal jewellery stand is great for hanging special pieces. It has a lot of hooks and grooves so you put multiple items on it.  I brought it from a boutique store in the Lake District and I just love how it reminds me of how pretty it was there. It also has a dish attached to them bottom so if something falls of I know exactly where it will be!


Fairy Lights – The Range

What girl doesn’t like a good old fairy light? You’re never too old for these as they make a room super cosy, especially through the Winter. These ones have silver glittery butterflies on them and I find that the light is really soft and warming which is great. I find it so useful hanging them near where you sleep as you simply switch them off without leaving the comfort of your bed!

So there you have it, a few of my favourite pretty things that are displayed around my room. If anyone has any tips on how they store their make up, or general pretty and sparkly things, comment below!


Lots of Love,



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