Goodbye 2015

Another year has gone in the blink of an eye, and I find myself every January thinking ‘Where the hell did that year go?’ 2015 has seen achievements and challenges that I feel has made me think about how much of a bloody good year it was, so I thought I would reflect, document, babble about the highlights and share those with you.

The start of 2015 was all about the last hurdle of university. I spent many nights in the library staring at the same paragraph that I managed to muster together in 3 hours, thinking, is this what it comes down to? To this day, I do not know how I got through it and how I managed to juggle uni work, interning, a part time job, seeing my boyfriend, having a social life and me time. If you want advice, wine helps, wine helps a lot. I re11080983_10152814674195028_7893747387259966453_nmember my last exam and watching the clock tick and wanting to burst out laughing. Laughing at how nervous and happy I was to have finally finished. I walked back to my flat and Adam was waiting there with 10411757_10152928196925028_1223055004849819532_nprosecco, milk tray and a new dress for me to celebrate the day in, and I could not have been happier. I honestly do not know how he put up with my stress. It was definitely all worth it. I got a 2:1 which I had worked my god dam arse for, and yes I scrapped it, but that 2:1 was the best scrapping I had ever achieved.

The whirlwind was over and by June I was thrown into a full time job at a call center. For the first few weeks it never really hit me that I would not be returning back to university and then reality set in, and I turned into a quivering and nervous mess. I hated my call center job, I hated working ridiculous hours for somewhere that did not involve me using my degree, and it also made me realise that people are horrid if they want to get their own way. (Advice: don’t ever work in a call center if you can help it)

I would spend 70% of my time after work searching for jobs and applying for things that were miles away from home, and the other 30% was spent crying about how much of a failure I was and my three years of hard work was for nothing. Luckily I had a two week holiday to Turkey with Adam that go11393210_10152995759005028_4492887413257820401_nt me through, which undeniably was the strangest place I had ever experienced. I’m also pretty certain that my liver turned a nasty shade of yellow due to tearing up the All Inclusive bar. God bless our insides.

After the holiday I felt so motivated and determined to try and find a job that was worthwhile; my days off were spent handing CV’s out and having interviews, until finally I got something. I walked into a recruitment agency, filled out a bunch of forms, and went home. I remember packing my bags and getting ready to go and see my uni friends for the weekend and I got a phone call from the agency asking if I could start work on Monday for a TV Channel, that involved writing about the products that were featured on air. Of course, I said yes. I feel like that was the turning point of 2015, I finally managed to get a job that involved my degree.

Advice? Good things comes to those who wait and want it enough.

August saw me, my friends and Adam going to our annual festi11907146_10153157357100028_2420348764508806333_nval. It rained, we got sunburnt and got ridiculously drunk every night, but we had the best time. I love how festivals make you feel so free and careless and how it feels like a different world. If no one has done it yet, do it. The blisters, smell, grease and general shit is worth it, because it’s the best weekend full of shit ever.

Septem12037943_10207867871633904_7147887243143211854_nber marked my 22nd birthday which I wasn’t all that excited about, who likes getting another year older? Adam took me to Leicester to go shopping and arranged for my two closest uni friends to surprise me which made the whole weekend perfect. It was filled with prosecco, pizza and drunkeness which is all a girl ever needs right? 1915757_10153398818810028_336242429403205453_n

In December myself and Adam went to London for a long weekend to mark our second anniversary. We went to Winter Wonderland, saw Matilda and ordered room service like true King and Queen; a wonderful way to mark the end of 2015 and our magical two years of madness together.


Th11351180_10152941620695028_544633290500856603_nere are so many more things I wish I could share with you like the lake district weekend, graduation ball, weekends away, gigs, zoo trips and more drunken memories but I will be here until 2017.




2015 has come to an end and I cannot wait to see what 2016 brings; lets hope it’s filled with happiness, love and prosecco like last year. 1560444_10153398818805028_6071842938240672237_n

Lots of Love,





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