HD BROWS – Review


Does anyone else find that doing your eyebrows is such a chore to get them just perfect? I have for such a long time and decided to do something about it. I researched a lot into different methods of brow treatment, whether that’s waxing, threading or semi-permanent make up and came across HD Brows. I heard great things about HD Brows, and thought it was the perfect way to get the perfect brows.

Being pale with blonde hair, I was immediately nervous as I didn’t want them to look dark and unnatural. HD Brows involves a seven step process that makes your brows look natural and utterly defined and I was completely blown away with the results. If anyone is looking at going down this route, here is a brief run down of the seven steps and the results of my newly replenished and revitalised brows.

1.  Consultation

Talking through your ideal brow shape and the outcome you wanted. I wanted a more natural looking and defined arched eyebrow, so it’s good to know what you want from the get go!

2. Tinting

This involved putting a small amount of colour onto my brows. I wanted a natural looking colour, which means the tint was only on for a couple of minutes.

3. Waxing

Waxing around the eyebrow can be quite sensitive, but it wasn’t all that bad and was relatively pain free! The waxing process is needed to create a defined arched brow and leaves your skin silky smooth.

4. Trimming

Trimming any long hairs, for an even and smooth appearance.

5. Threading

I’ve never had threading on my brows before, and I heard so many horror stories of how painful it is. However, I found it, weirdly, incredibly relaxing!

6. Tweezing

I’m used to plucking my eyebrows so this was okay and I was glad that the person doing it, knew exactly what hairs to pluck! Everyone has gone through the stage of over plucking right?

7. Aftercare

After looking at my new brows, I was completely blown away at how thicker and fuller my brows seemed! There is not much aftercare involved as the brows last for four weeks, but to make them last longer and the tint to stay, I was advised to take my make up off gently and to avoid rubbing on the brow.


I am absolutely in love with my new brows, just because there is such a minimum that I have to do to them. I will definitely be getting them done every month and let an expert do them; I can’t believe I have been plucking and messing with them for so long!

Has anyone else had HD Brows?


Lots of Love





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