Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: Review 

After walking into the cinema expecting to watch Deadpool, I didn’t expect to find myself sitting and watching the Jane Austen classic, but with a zombie twist. 
The differention of social classes in 19th century England sees Elizabeth Bennet, a warrior, (Lily James) and Mr Darcy, zombie slayer, (Sam Reilly) embark on a tangled relationship, whilst defeating zombies on the way. If you’re expecting a full blown zombie horror, you will be disappointing. The film is very much badly satirical in its washed out jokes and the zombies, it seems, have got paid 50 quid to run about a field, shouting and trying not to mess up their badly done costume make up.

It seems that there has been huge chunks of Austens text taken and thrown upon the actors and as soon as you get into Austens powerful and classic words, a zombie ruins it. It is very much of an irritating rollercoaster that you’re reluctant to get off because you’ve paid £10 for a ticket. Importantly, you have to appreciate the love story within Pride and Prejudice to even marginally enjoy It. It is one of the classics, and after writing countless essays on it at university, I have come to know it well. 

The concept I feel, was good, and the thought was there, but no real effort in trying to make the film into any sort of great blockbuster. Like me, it’s one of those films you stumble into by chance, think yeah okay, and walk out disappointed with your belly full of skittles and ice blast. 

Has anyone else got thoughts on this movie?


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