Real Girl Struggles…The Gym

Real Girl Struggles…The Gym

Please excuse the photo but I’ve just come back from Zumba which entailed me shaking my big booty for a good hour, and I’m dead. I feel like I’ve got sunburnt on my face and I look like it too. Does anyone elses face go the shade of tomato after exercising? I envy the people that come out the gym looking like they’ve just had a blow dry and a facial.

I’ve been going to the gym for about 2 months now and so far, it’s okay. I can’t say I wake up looking forward to going, in fact I dread it. Whoever looks forward to going to the gym, hats off to yer, and where do you get your enthusiasm? It’s okay when I’m there, because I have no choice to do exercise; I can’t just stand there looking like a lemon. I do struggle to motivate myself, I do a 10 minute run on the treadmill and think, surely this is enough? I’m sweating my tits off, I think I’m going to have a heart attack and I’m pretty sure people can see my arse through my leggings. Why does exercise put you through this torture? We do it, because we want our legs a little thinner and our tummy’s a little flatter, and no one gets Kim K’s body by sitting on the sofa eating yourself silly.

What I still struggle to process in my beginner’s gym mind is how people look so elegant when exercising and they seem to know what to do with there arms and legs. Zumba for instance, you have to move your legs and arms at the same time, whilst jumping around, how?! Where have people got this talent from? I have no coordination at all, I struggle to walk in a bloody straight line, so there isn’t really much hope for people like me. I tend to stand at the back so no one sees me trying to determine my lefts and rights and inability to stand on one leg. After every session, I vow to myself, never again, I cannot put myself through it, again. I still go though, because I want to learn this art of coordination and to get my booty just like the Zumba instructors. Small steps eh?

What I’m really trying to say (and to make myself feel better) is that it doesn’t matter if your hairs flailing around and you’ve got a build up of sweat in your cleavage, you’re doing it because you want to be a better (and healthier) you. That’s all that matters.

Here’s to more gym sessions!


Lots of Love,





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