Body Shop Product Reviews

Body Shop Product Reviews

I’ve always viewed Body Shop products as ‘a bit of a treat,’ just because they are so luxurious and a bit on the pricey side, compared to other products I usually go for. When I saw that there was a 40% off sale, I thought that it would be the perfect opportunity to try some of their products. I initially went in, looking for some products that would help with my dry and itching skin (which I think is caused from my diagnosis of Celiac Disease) as it was started to be problematic, and just dam right annoying. Admittedly, I do not moisturise as much as I should, so I needed something that smells good to act as an incentive to apply it, and to also stop me waking up with massive scratch marks and red patches from itching during the night. I picked up four products in total and here is what I thought of them.


Passion Fruit Body Butter

I can’t begin to explain how good this smells! It smells so fruity and if Summer had a smell, it would be this. The smell stays on my skin all day and I find that the smell lasts so much longer than perfumes do. It absorbs into the skin really well, and does not leave it sticky unlike most body butters, which is why I think it is really quick and easy to apply; perfect if you are in a rush, or if you just want to go to bed! It contains cocoa and shea butter, and it is intensely creamy, leaving my skin really soft and nourished. It’s great on dry patches, such as your elbows and knees and a little bit does go a long way. You only need a small amount to see and smell the effects of what it can do. Body Shop Body Butters are very popular and I think this one is definitely my firm favourite. It was in the sale, so I’m hoping Body Shop doesn’t discontinue it, because it has saved my skin!

Body Shop Blueberry Body Scrub-Gelee

I was a little but unsure about the scent, as it reminded me of projectile vomiting Purple Rain cocktails on my 18th birthday and it was a sense of nostalgia that I did not want. However, the consistency and jam look texture made me purchase it, as it was something I have not tried or seen before, and I was sure that I would overcome the smell, eventually! This works wonders on my skin as it lifts away the dead skin cells and it makes moisturising so much easier. The jam type consistency is really nourishing and makes my skin softer and smoother in an instance. I use this with exfoliating gloves, and it makes my skin feel uplifted and gives a bit of life into it. This scrub also contains honey, which is the main reason why my skin feels heavenly after using it. This scrub is limited edition, so I’m not sure whether Body Shop will release this again, but not only has it made my skin feel and look so much better, I can now, successfully, handle the smell of blueberries again.

Body Shop Fijian Water Lotus Eau De Toilette

I love body sprays and I tend to stick to my trusty Boots Strawberry mist so I thought it was time I branched out and tried something different. I love the packaging of this as it is in a glass bottle, rather that a plastic one, which makes it much more luxurious. It’s really difficult to describe this smell, other than the fact it smells fresh and clean. It isn’t too overpowering on the floral scent which I like, as it is something different and smells really grown up, ha! The smell does linger about all day which I like, and is a great every day scent.  I think this is the perfect smell for Spring and Summer and I will definitely be taking this with me on my Summer hols!


Body Shop Natural Lip Roll On – Berry

This takes me back to the younger days, where lip roll on’s were all the range and you’d put half a tube on so your lips, which ended up with your lips being reflective. This lip roll on is made from 100% natural ingredients and leaves your lips feeling soft and adds a touch of shine to them. It also has a non tacky and non waxy feel which I love, and i find this perfect as a stand alone lip product, or works great on top of lipstick for an added shine to them. It does say that it’s a fruity berry flavour, but i can’t say I can taste that all too much! This is perfect to just throw into your handbag, and is a great go to products if you are having a bad lip day!


I think I have been successfully converted to Body Shop products and I would definitely be going back into the store to see what else I can find.

Please let me know if you have any recommendations of Body Shop product as I would love to hear them!


Lots of Love





  1. April 3, 2016 / 9:16 pm

    I love The Body Shop products 😊 Their body butters are amazing. I really liked your post. I appreciate when with every product description, there’s a picture of the product. Lovely! 😊

  2. April 4, 2016 / 4:07 am

    i have ever used The Body Shop Passion Fruit Body Butter but i used to use Strawberry Body Butter. it’s also good and i love its scent 😀

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