Real Girl Struggles… Hangovers

Real Girl Struggles… Hangovers

I will never understand how people wake up fine after a heavy night of the good stuff and how they can begin the day with a smile on their face, whilst alcohol is still sloshing around inside.

A few drinks seems like a good idea to anyone, but when those few drinks turn into tequila slammers at the bar and dancing like you’re an 80’s popstar, you know you’re going to pay for it in the morning.

Ever since finishing uni, my hangovers have got considerably worse, probably due to the fact that my whole uni experience was spent being permanently hungover and drunk. (I blame West Street Live’s 50p sambucas for this.) Obviously looking back I could have spent a lot more time being productive and studying, rather than laying in bed watching Jeremy Kyle and Loose Women, which usually, mended my hangover slightly.

The TRUTHFUL Hangover Scale compiled by yours truly: 

  1. You wake up with a bit of a tinge in your head, but other than that you are ready to soldier on like a real trooper. Those three pints of water before bed was a good idea.
  2.  You’ve got a headache, but an asprin will solve that. You lay in bed contemplating life, but you remember the whole night which is a big achievement and one that should be recognized.
  3. You’re frozen to your bed, still in last nights clothes and your head is pounding, but no sick. You are a champion and you’ve got this hangover covered.
  4. It’s risky to even move without feeling the need to throw up as you can still taste that last tequila that you thought was a good idea. One for the road eh? Contemplates about never drinking again
  5. Full blow death. You’ve probably been sick over yourself during the night, had a minor bladder incident and your head feels like it weighs 200 tonnes. You will never be drinking again.


There’s never an effective way to beat a hangover, other than to just not drink at all. Lets be honest, who wants to do that? I admire those people that rock up on the dance floor completely alcohol free; the only way I’m busting out my moves is if I’ve had a few and I temporarily forget who I am.

Hangovers are never pretty, but the only way to bust the problem is to jump in the shower and get a bacon sandwich down your neck. After all, the night was worth it right?


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