Real Girl Struggles…Being Romantic

Real Girl Struggles…Being Romantic

I would never claim to be the next Cupid and I’m not counting the days until Valentine’s; I am far from those

 American teenager characters in films that gush over every loving word, and write their secret crush in their notebook.

I hate everything about being romantic, well, I hate how hard I find it to be romantic. I cringe at every Facebook, Instagram and Twitter update that tells me how loved up people are, and it repulses me when I see people’s tongues swirling around at each others. I can’t stand it. I may sound bitter and jealous, but I’m not,believe me. I am ridiculously happy and content,  I just struggle to see how people be romantic without being sick a little bit.

So, in the bid to release my inner cupid, and to show Adam at how thoughtful I can be, I decided to do something romantic. A picnic, which involved lots of food and wine which makes anyone happy, especially me. The only way I could get through it was by indulging in cheese and biscuits and get mildly tipsy on a small bottle of wine.

The day was a success. I didn’t feel sick at how horribly cringey it was, only sick by eating way too much.Admittedly, it was great to just spend some quality time together in the outdoors, and not having to worry about anything for the afternoon. We walked 10 steps from the car, plonked ourselves down and we were happy with that. Who says romance is dead?

Maybe I can be this idyllic romantic rose that blossoms at the sight of love? Maybe I’m not so bitter after all? Maybe this is the start of my new romantic side?

Watch this space for updates on ‘how much I love my boy’ and watch out for the photos of me sticking my tongue down ‘my mans,’ throat.

Maybe in another life.

Lots of Love,



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