Simple Skincare: Product Review

Simple Skincare: Product Review

I’m always on the hunt for some new skincare products and I knew that Simple was renowned for its great range of natural based skincare products, for sensitive skin. I wanted a set of products that I can use together as part of my skincare routine, so I’ve been trialling these for a couple of week. I picked up a facial wash, face mask and good old trusty micellar water and here is what I thought of them!

Simple Moisturising Facial Wash

I always find that facial washes don’t really do much to your skin, other than take off all the grime you’ve built up from the day and make you feel awake! They can sometimes be quite drying, and I find that they usually make my skin feel really tight and dry. This facial wash by Simple however makes my skin super soft and hydrated. It builds up a nice amount of foam that can easily be wiped away and is the perfect quick and easy solution to getting a cleansed face! It contains multivitamins like Vitamin E and B5 which leaves your skin really nourished and fresh. I definitely would recommend this to anyone that has sensitive skin, as it is 100% soap free, meaning it doesn’t leave your skin dry and sore! After just a couple of weeks of using it day and night there is still loads left, so I will definitely be purchasing this again! I think it was around about £3.50, which is great for such a large tube.

Simple Micellar Cleansing Water

I remember the day where I could never be without make up wipes and would use them religiously to scrub my make up off, because that’s what they do, make up wipes are vicious. Ever since I realised how bad they are for your skin, I haven’t been without Micellar water. I’m always keen to try new Micellar waters as I tend to just stick to the Garnier, so I was excited to try it, however this product does have a few cons. I love this because it is so kind and gentle to your skin, however it is a bloody nightmare to actually make your skin feel make up free. It takes a lot of work to try and remove eye make up especially, and I end up going through about 3 to 4 cotton pads per eye! For general awakening and hydration it is perfect for, but if you tend to wear a lot of eye make up stay away from this; because of this reason I have used nearly the whole bottle. I don’t think I’ll be buying this again and I’ve learnt, in regards to micellar water, to stick with what you know. I think this was about £2.99, so if you want a basic and fairly cheap make up remover, then this will be ideal.

Simple Deep Cleansing Face Mask

I never knew Simple did face masks, so I was very keen to try it and see if it lived up to my Soap and Glory one. Again, this product contains multivitamins and skin loving ingredients like seaweed extract meaning it leaves your skin feeling soft and moisturised. This product has definitely made my skin feel more hydrated and has revived the dry patches on my skin. The only bad point about this product is that it doesn’t change colour, so you don’t really know when to take it off and who realistically sets a timer?  It does say 3 minutes, but I tend to leave it on for longer as I only use this once a week. It’s in a fairly small squeezy tube and you don’t need much at all to feel the effects of this product, so there’s enough to see you through a couple of months at least! I would probably purchase this again, as I like how easy it is to apply and how soft it makes your skin, and at around £3.99 it was a pretty good purchase.
Has anyone else tried the Simple range or got any other skincare products that you could recommend for sensitive skin?


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    Very nice post! I love using simple products

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