Real Girl Struggles… Being An Adult

Real Girl Struggles… Being An Adult

Being in your early 20’s is difficult, it’s that kind of middle stage where you’re not quite sure whether you should settle down for a career or give up with life and go to Magaluf. Where were the lessons on how to manage your money or how to land your perfect job? I’m pretty sure that the majority of people, similar age to myself, worry about these things the most, and it’s down to feeling the pressure of being an adult.

Nothing prepares you for being an adult. Yes, university taught me how to make a meal out of bread and super noodles and yes it taught me how to juggle socialising and having to study, but none of these, I don’t think, helps me to be an adult, well, a good one anyway. University was a practice run to being an adult, it was a warm up for the big game, and now that game has gone into extra time and you have no idea on what you’re doing. Life is a game, and a bloody difficult one. (Lets try not to get too deep  here and talk in metaphors – after all, I wouldn’t count myself as a proper adult with wise words, however my English degree did teach me something!)

I see so many people with proper careers, a stable income, living on their own and I wonder how they’ve become so good at being an adult, because I’ve got a long way to go. I mean, I don’t think I should really be going to shops and buying sweets, I’m 22, this isn’t acceptable, is it?

I’ve compiled a short list of the struggles of being a 20 something, almost adult, that I’m sure, most of you can relate to!

1. Why did I even go to university, get my a levels, gcses, sats…? Nothing is helping me right now. 

2.  I shouldn’t have blown my money on make up, boozing it up and trips to nandos. 

3. What even is a mortgage? 

4. *Browses social media for 5 hours* I really should be spending my time looking for a decent, relevant job. 

5. I knew I should have done a vocational course or became a builder.

6. Can you put white clothes in with colours?

7. I’m sure if I smother my plate in ketchup, mayo, or any kind of sauce my food will taste better. Why can’t I cook?

8. Why does everyone have kids? I’ve just got to grips with buying my own alcohol. 



Is anyone else having a mid 20’s life crisis? Please let me know and comment!


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  1. May 5, 2016 / 10:31 pm

    The struggle of staying in and being responsible or to go out and take shots… I feel you

    • May 5, 2016 / 10:33 pm

      It’s the worst! Xx

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