My Liebster Award!

My Liebster Award!

I’ve seen a lot of blogs that I follow get nominated for this award and I’m super excited that I have been nominated by the lovely I’ve only recently discovered Karen’s blog and I have been enjoying reading about affordable make up tips and reviews, so go and check her blog out! For those of you that don’t know about the Liebster Award, it’s a great way for people to discover new blogs out there; personally, I love reading blogs that people have only just started. The Liebster Award is a great way for people to get recognition for the hard work they have put into their blog.

Here are the rules for the Liebster Award:

1. Please thank the blog that nominated you.

2. Select 5-11 bloggers that you would like to nominate for this award.

3. Let bloggers know you have nominated them.

4. Create questions for them to answer. Let your creativity and personality shine.


Now it’s time for me to answer the questions that acharmingguidetomakeup created…

  • What is your favourite topic to blog about?

I love blogging about affordable make up, as I feel so many people get caught up in thinking that the expensive make up is better and often feel the pressure to be seen with their new MAC Lipstick or the latest high end foundation. I must admit these high end products do have their positives, but it’s definitely not good on your bank balance and you can usually find such good alternatives for a fraction of the price. I’m also enjoying doing my Real Girl Struggles posts, just because I feel like I can inject a bit more of my personality into my blog.

  • Who are your favourite top 3 bloggers?

My favourite beauty blogger has to be I find her posts so useful for finding new beauty products and the content always seems so fresh and original. My favourite lifestyle blogger is Particularly because I love her Dear Diary posts, it’s honest and something that anyone can relate to. Finally, bit of a weird one, I love I’ve been working at a TV Craft Channel for quite some time now, and admittedly, have got into crafting. This blog has really helped me broaden my knowledge and make’s crafting interesting and something that can be enjoyed by anyone!

  • If you could only wear one lipstick for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Always, always, Sleek Barely There. It’s incredible and I never want to be without it. 

  • Has blogging improved your life, or you as a person?

I’ve always enjoyed writing and I guess blogging is such a good way to get yourself out there and to gain a lot more confidence. I would say it has improved my life, in that I find myself needing to plan a lot more and it makes me be an organised individual! I love it when people tell me that they’ve enjoyed reading my posts, it gives me a great boost for the day and the confidence to keep on posting. 

  • Finally, what is your go-to, favourite makeup look?

My go to make up look would have to be a gold, shimmering eye with a red lip. It’s so classic and can be worn both day and night, and is incredibly easy to do!

Now for my nominations… The blogs below are new discoveries that I’ve really enjoyed reading lately, so go and check them out!

Now for my questions…

1.Why did you start your blog?

2. If you were stranded on a desert island, what three things would you take?

3. What is your go to beauty product?

4. Who are your favourite bloggers?

5. If you could only have one beauty product what would it be?

Again, thank you to acharmingguidetomakeup for nominating me and I can’t wait to read everyone’s answers!
Lots of love



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