Villages, Zoo's & Ducks

Villages, Zoo's & Ducks

I find that as you get older, you never get to do the fun and simple things anymore, let alone the time to do things! So when I had the opportunity on Saturday to see my good ol’ friend Soph I knew we were going to have a whale of a time, so here is what we got up to.

After the most stress free, relaxing and mellow drive to the countryside and a quick chinwag, it was definitely time for some lunch and a drink. We drove out to a small market town called Market Bosworth, which is just like stepping back in time hundreds of years, except it has a CO-OP and a HSBC on the corner…minor details. We went to an old looking pub/restaurant called The Old Black Horse Inn, which has luxury outdoor seating, definitely not your stereotypical pub garden! Unfortunately, I was driving, so no alcohol beverages for me, sigh, but Soph’s pimms looked amazing, which is perfect on a Summer’s day.We decided to go for a two course lunch which cost around £17 and when the food came out it looked incredible! (Before I start, I would just like to point out that I’m not a food critic/Gordon Ramsay/Masterchef wannabe.) For starter I had a Cajun Chicken Tortilla Stack, which was filled with sour cream, guacamole and sour cream in a crunchy tortilla base, which tasted incredible. It also was ridiculously filling, especially for a starter, that I wasn’t quite sure if I could handle the main. For the main, I had a pan fried Chicken Schnitzel, which at first, I was sceptical about. The last time i had a Chicken Schnitzel was on a boat in Turkey when I felt ridiculously tipsy and sea sick, so I wasn’t quite sure how it would go down! The chicken came with garlic and herb seasoning, roasted tomatoes, chips and a huge bowl of vegetables, so it is fair to say you get your money’s worth at this place.

Twycross Zoo

Who doesn’t love the zoo? It’s such a fun day out, whether it’s with your family, boyfriends and friends, it definitely something to be loved by anyone. I’ve never been to Twycross Zoo before, and i can’t say that I had ever really heard of it before, but a zoo is a zoo, and it has animals, so what’s the worst that can happen? The entry for the zoo was £17.85, which I might add, is pretty pricey compared to other zoo’s in the UK. I must admit I was quite disappointed with the lack of different animals, it was mainly filled with monkeys and the odd kangaroo, even so, this little ginger dude was the cutest thing I had ever seen. It’s so weird how zoo’s take you back to your childhood and that you feel like such a big kid walking around, cooing at the animals and tapping on the glass (not that I did of course…!) Considering it was 2 o’clock on a warm Saturday afternoon, the zoo was surprisingly quiet, which meant getting an ice cream was ridiculously quick! There’s only so much time you can spend at a zoo, once we had looked at all the animals and browsed the expensive, real expensive, gift shop, it was definitely time to leave.

On the way back we decided to relive our inner childhood and feed the ducks at the local park. Although, we were tempted to buy a 4 pack of beers and sit in the park, to also, relive our inner childhood/teen years, however I don’t think that’s acceptable for 22 year olds. As you get older, you wonder how feeding the ducks was ever that fun, it’s not. Ducks, I don’t think, aren’t too fond of bread anymore, much to our disappointment. In the end we just chucked the whole loaf in, to our amusement. If you recognise this park and happen to see a lot of bread floating out, it was probably us, apologies, but at least the ducks won’t starve. The park was so pretty with lots of bluebells dotted about, which made it look so idyllic, which is probably why there was so many couples on dates walking about, awww. After a jam packed day, I was nakard and it was time to leave the adventures behind and go back to the mundane and the adult.


Has anyone got any interesting things they’ve been up to lately?

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