Real Girl Struggles…Driving

Real Girl Struggles…Driving

After a few weeks away  I’ve finally found the mindset to start my blog again, properly, which calls for a new post. I’ve called this post Driving, when in fact I just mean other drivers, because, of course, my driving is faultless. *flicks hair* 

I had this sudden epiphany earlier, when a car nearly twatted me on a roundabout, that actually, some people just don’t know how to drive. I don’t know whether it’s just me that thinks this, but some drivers think they’re bloody Vin Diesel in their pimped out cars with Drake blasting out their speakers. For the record, I don’t have a problem with pimped out cars, whatever floats your boat I guess, but it’s the fearless Vin Diesel’s of the world that sit behind the wheel trying to peer over the top because their seat is way too back (and they’re probably about 12), whilst pretending they’re on the Silverstone racecourse, when in fact, you’re on the A47 mate.

Why are some people so fearless when driving? Maybe it’s the fact that I’m a cautious driver and break way too early, not to mention that I’m petrified of motorways, but I don’t think there’s any need for getting up someone’s arse and whizzing round a roundabout on two wheels. Don’t get me started on indicators. Is there something I don’t know about? Are we only meant to use our indicators in emergency situations? The last I heard, indicators are there for reason to show you are going in a certain direction, so the poor person (me) isn’t wondering what move you’re going to make. It’s common courtesy, so please use them, or you’ll end up being called all sorts (by me) for the whole journey.

Then you get the opposite extreme, the people going 40mph on the parkway, those people that just won’t move over when you’re trying to join the parkway, yet they don’t even come off at the next junction, these people are usually driving Citroen Picasso’s. (No stereotype intended) The speed limit is there for a reason, it means that is is SAFE to go at that speed, stop being so slow and put your foot down and move the hell over and stop being so inconsiderate, or you’ll get the horn.

That’s my rant over, I feel better now and hopefully my morning drive to work will be a pleasant one, with pleasant fellow drivers. We can hope.mfdklmfs


Anyone had any nightmares whilst driving?

Lots of Love,




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