Eating Out For The First Time – Nandos

Eating Out For The First Time – Nandos

For any of you reading the title of this post and thinking that is seems rather odd that I ate out for the first time, I did, but with Coeliac Disease. Since I was diagnosed I haven’t ate out, just because I’ve felt nervous about whether I could really trust what the restaurants┬ásay, as I’ve heard some really bad horror stories. I’ve noticed that some restaurants and pubs advertise doing gluten free food, but then in the small print it says that everything is cooked in a gluten environment, i.e they may use the same pans and utensils to cook the food. Yes, it is that serious. When I visited my dietician a couple of weeks ago, I received a hefty information pack, which contained restuarants that are highly recommended for people with Coeliac Disease, one of those was Nandos. Okay, it may not seem like the most exotic of choices, but who doesn’t like peri peri chicken?

I have noticed that many high street chains such as Prezzo, Bella Italia, Pizza Express and Wagamamas, seem like such a safe option to eat at, compared to independent restaurant chains. This is perfect for convenience and also affordability, being gluten free is so expensive anyway that I’m reluctant to pay out for a higher priced meal, for┬ásomething that I may not like. Before I went to Nando’s I did a lot of research regarding their gluten free range and was surprised (and shocked) that the grilled peri peri chicken goodness is naturally gluten free, along with most of their side dishes too. In my head, I just presumed that the sauce contained gluten, just because most sauces I’ve wanted to have and try from the supermarkets contained an ingredient I could not have, so to say I was happy was an understatement. Obviously things like the pittas, wraps and bread based food I knew I had to stay away from, but that still meant there was a lot for me to choose from on the menu.

When me and Adam arrived yesterday at the Peterborough branch, I told the waiter I had Coeliac Disease and was therefore gluten intolerant. He happily said that there is a lot on the menu to choose from and if I did need any help in ordering, then to just ask him, or to go and ask for their allergy bible behind the till. It was great that someone understood how serious it is, and reassuring that they had the knowledge to advise me. We opted for the No Bones Platter, chips and macho peas, which was delicious! Even though it is chicken, chips and peas, to be quite matter of fact, it was heaven eating something anyone else could eat and even better that I knew I wouldn’t be doubled over in pain and feeling sick after eating and I can safely say I wasn’t. I went away feel happy and importantly, full up, which is something I haven’t felt in ages after eating out.

If anyone does have Coeliac, I would truly recommend eating at Nandos, it is such a hassle free meal, that is both affordable and safe to eat.

What’s everyone elses favourite high street restaurant chain?


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