Why we should say 'f**k' it more

Why we should say 'f**k' it more

I remember a couple of years ago, I brought a book by John C. Parkin called F**k it. I don’t remember exactly why I bought it, I can only guess that it was because I wanted to stick two fingers up at the world and the book was a great place to start. The book is centred on saying, you guessed it, ‘F**k it’ to all your problems and concerns.(In moderation of course, I mean, don’t rob a bank and say to the police that you just thought F**k it) Say F**k it to all the shoulds in your life and finally do more of what you want to do, no matter what other people think. To sum up, it’s perfect for anyone like me that doesn’t want to sit and meditate and ponder on life’s big questions, but to simply, grow some balls and realise that some things don’t matter all too much. I’m going to outline a few of my favourite chapters and the parts I tend to flick back to, whenever I’m in a crisis and hopefully, it will help you to see things differently too.

 Say F**K it to what other people think of you

This is a good place to start. Everyone wants to seek approval by others and most importantly, to be liked and we’re often very sensitive to how people view us, because that is the way we have been brought up. We have been told to be respectful to others, we shouldn’t upset anyone and we should do what we have been told. (I’d like to think that this is true for anyone reading this!) This is why there are so many talented people in the world, that don’t reach for their goals, because they care too much about what other people may think. No one wants to be feel frowned upon if you decide to leave  your safe accountancy job and become a professional singer that you’ve always dreamt about. Everyone takes things very personally, if someone doesn’t say Good Morning to you, you start to think they don’t like you, if that attractive boy/girl doesn’t look at you, you question your appearance and assume you must be ugly.

Everyone at some point, has had this paranoid view on the world, but the truth is, that those “apparent personal” comments/looks etc is just a true reflection of them, venting out their own negative emotions. The fact is, that anyone who does get personal with you, is almost always, more about them, not you. Saying this, you will never make everyone happy, you’ll always disappoint people, upset people and really piss them off sometimes, but that’s because everyone is different. Some people aren’t that good at being happy so then enjoy finding things in others that piss themselves off and finding things in you that they think are inferior to the things in them, because this is what makes them feel better. Caring about what other people may think of you makes you feel awful, thus making you care even more, but remember it’s not you, it’s them and don’t take things personally. Say F*ck it

Say F*ck it to self control and discipline

Before I read this chapter I was dubious. Why would we want to give up self control and discipline? Isn’t this a good thing? I think this because our minds love the thought of improving and bettering ourselves, getting fitter, getting cleverer, the list goes on. For example, I always say to myself at the start of the week, I must go to the gym everyday. It works, for about two days, then I lose interest and don’t see the point anymore in sweating my tits off, when quite frankly, I don’t really want to anyway. So why have I not cancelled my monthly membership? Because I want to feel slightly better about not exercising as much as I should. It’s an expensive old do. When you don’t stick to this discipline of going to the gym everyday, it causes unwanted tension and pressure. The disappointment you face when you can’t live up to your own expectations is even more tedious than the fact you didn’t go to the gym everyday like you were supposed to. Say F*ck it. Do what you want. Once you let go of the self-imposed expectations, you’ll feel happier, but importantly, more in tune with your body. You will exercise when you want to, you will eat healthy when you want and you will have a massive binge one day until you feel sick. F*ck it

Say F*ck it to the Weather

I thought I would end this, with a not so hard hitting section, because we all know how I can’t handle too much seriousness and what better thing to talk about, the weather. We all moan about the weather, if it’s hot we moan, if it’s cold we moan, if it’s pissing it down, we really do moan. There is always something in life that doesn’t suit us, these things can, usually, be changed and dealt with, but with the weather, there is nothing we can do. Accept it. If you really don’t like it, buy a villa abroad and spend your days frying in the sun. If this isn’t possible, always remember to bring an umbrella. F*ck It

I hope you liked this post and that it’s rattled the F*ck It nature in you and hopefully, made you think about that some things in life, really do not matter all as much.

Has anyone got any mottos they live by?

Lots of Love,




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