Beach Cove Coastal Retreat

Beach Cove Coastal Retreat

I love going away and discovering new places, but importantly to just go away and relax! I’ve had such a hectic past couple of weeks, with leaving my job and starting a new and exciting one, so I was definitely looking forward to my birthday. I knew Adam had planned something, and it was a complete surprise on where we were going. My only clue was that it was south, near a beach and the longest drive we have ever done. After six hours travelling, we arrived at a place called Beach Cove in North Devon and to say I was excited would be an understatement.It was filled with rows of cute pastel coloured beach huts that overlooked the sea and Devon scenery that simply took my breath away.

On arrival we were given a glass of fizz, a cute little suitcase tin (that I could keep) and the keys to our own little beach hut. Adam said that there was one more surprise and I soon found out what it was when we preceded to the hut. A hot tub! The hut had so many adorable touches like our own bath robes, a coffee machine, a games cupboard and some luxury The White Company toiletries, that obviously I was excited to try!. Although compact, everything was thoughtfully placed, ensuring that there was plenty of room for a three night getaway.

Admittedly, we did spend the majority of our time basking in the hot tub and listening to the waves crash on the shore, but we did do a little bit of exploring whilst we there. To the right of our hut we were told about a coastal path, that weaved it’s way up the hills and trees. There was a lot of people going up and down the path, so I presumed the walk would be a piece of cake, but I was wrong! We had to climb up steep hills and work our way between the stinging nettles and branches. After a few minor stops on the way, we reached the highest point, which was definitely worth it! You could see the whole of Ilfracombe and the Bristol Channel from this point and it’s safe to say it was the highlight of my trip. After the walk down, we managed to find an ice cream shop (gluten free of course) and parked ourselves on a bench, just like an old couple!

On the final day, we decided to try out a boat trip, where you could see seal pups and dolphins. The only boats trips I’ve only ever done are abroad, so I was a bit sceptical to start with, especially with the September breeze. The weather did hold up though and we explored the Devonshire coastline on the Ilfracombe Princess (best name) in the hope to see some adorable animals. Unfortunately, we didn’t see any seal pups or dolphins, but we did see some porpoises, which are basically shyer versions of dolphins. It was great being able to see the coastline from a different perspective other than on foot and I ended up feeling amazed at how such a beautiful place in England exists! However, towards the end of the boat trip, we were itching to get off as all we were thinking about was getting ourselves warm in the hot tub. We managed to find a fudge shop on the way back, that did an array of different flavours, from amaretto to peanut butter, and any flavour you could think of. You can’t go to the seaside without bringing back some fudge? We did probably order our weight in fudge but it was definitely the yummiest fudge I’ve ever eaten!

Our last night consisted of lying in the hot tub and talking about how much of a well deserved relaxing break it was. I would highly recommend this lovely Beach Cove retreat for anyone that wants to escape from day to day life and relax in a peaceful environment. I can’t wait to return to this beautiful place!

Do you have  any recommendations on where to go for a relaxing break? Leave me a comment!

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