Lush Haul – Part 1

Lush Haul – Part 1

I love having a lush bath, especially before the working week for a good old relaxation! I’ve managed to accumulate A LOT  of Lush products, ones that I’ve loved and some new ones that I’ve never tried before. My favourite lush products, like many other people, are bath bombs and bubble bars. That’s not to say I don’t like the skincare, hair care and other products, I do, but there’s nothing better than sinking into a colourful and beautifully smelling bath. I’ve decided to split this post into parts, as there is so much to get through, and I wanted to talk about all the amazing products. (p.s, excuse the colour transference on the products, I still need to find a successful way of storing them!)

Yoga Bomb

I’ve never came across this bath bomb before, if I have I probably would have gazed past it, due to it being a plain orange colour and you can’t deny that there are a lot more interesting ones that catch your eye. My initial thoughts were that it must be perfect for relaxation (due to it’s name) and the smell matched my thoughts. It has a lovely scent of sandalwood that isn’t overpowering at all and when placed in the bath, it fizzes vibrant oranges, purples turquoises. There is also an added hint of gold glitter, that makes your bath tub luxurious and perfect for sitting back and relaxing. After researching further on this, it also contains olibanum oil which is renowned for it’s healing qualities and is often used in meditation; no wonder I felt soothed after. This is perfect if you’re feeling a bit under the weather and need a little pick me up!



This is by far my favourite bath bomb to date! Just by looking at it, I knew it was going to be a sparkling heaven. It fizzes out around the middle, which fills your bath with colourful blues and whites that looks just like snow! It smells of beautiful floral roses and fruity grapefruit that is exactly what you want in a bath bomb.It also leaves your skin sparkling, which is great if you are heading out for the evening! Frozen also contains neroli oils which helps tone and smooth the skin, so if you’re planning on shaving your legs, then this will leave your skin silky smooth. I will definitely be purchasing this again and again and I think it will make the ideal Christmas present for someone who wants to be introduced to the magic of Lush (yes, I did just drop the C bomb!)


I think this bomb is new on the scene as I’m surprised I have never came across this before. It is probably the strongest smelling bath bomb from Lush that I have used, which isn’t a bad thing! It smells extremely sweet, with a woody undertone and leaves a bright purple water. Probably not the most ‘adventurous’ of Lush bath bombs, but when the fizzing stops, it reveals a piece of paper that says BOOM! which I think is a great quirky touch. The bomb contains Bergamot Oil which, if you’re washing your hair, will leave it with a glorious shine and softness. Perfect for people like me with blonde hair! It also contains Frankincense Oil, which gives the bomb it’s woody smell and will sooth your tired skin.


Guardian of the Forest 

I think this one was probably the most interesting one to look at! It is a vibrant green colour, with raised, leaf detail, at first I thought this was a Halloween Lush product! If you don’t like woody and mossy like scents then this is not for you, as it is an acquired taste. With the smells of rosewood and lime oil, it definitely smells like you are stepping into a mystical, forest bath. Once fizzed, it spreads an array of different colours of greens and yellows that really showcase it’s forest theme! This is perfect for anyone wanting to relax after a tiring day as the rosewood oil will help uplift and the lime oil will awaken you. I’m so glad I got to try this bath bomb as usually I would never go for these kind of scents, I think they smell like a old woman’s bathroom, probably due to the rose scent, but I can safely say it makes you feel rejuvenated!



This bath bomb is absolutely beautiful! I love the detailing of the stars as it adds a wonderful girly touch! Instantly, you smell the strong scent of lavender which is perfect for using before you go to bed. The photo doimg_3219-1es not do it justice of just how magical it is when dropped into your bath. The pink and blue explosion turn from a lovely lilac colour to a deep purple and then the scent hits you. It is a great relaxation therapy. Lavender is known for it’s soothing and calming nature and this bath bomb does just that. Combined with ylang ylang floral scents, this is a great all rounder for a pamper session! This will always be my go to and favourite Lush bath bomb.


Brightside Bubble Bar
If you don’t know what bubble bars are, you should! They turn your bath into a bubbly heaven, just by crumbling them under a tap. This one is smells so citrusy and fruity, that awakens all your senses! I initially thought it was a quite a summer scent, but I’ve been using it everyday since I got it. It smells of fragrant tangerines and lemons, that will uplift and brighten up your day. You don’t need too much either, so they definitely go a long way and very cost effective. Again, this one has bergamot oil that will cleanse you all over.



I will be back on Wednesday to finish off this HUGE Lush haul, there is way too much to fit into one post and will be too much Lush for you to handle.


See you soon!

Lots of Love,



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