The Best Memories

The Best Memories

It’s pretty hard for me to sit down and write this post, but the whole reason I started my blog was to share honest thoughts and honest life experiences that anyone can relate to. If you’re expecting a beauty inspired, humourous (debatable) post this Sunday, then before I go on, I would like to say that it’s not. This post is about losing your pet. On Friday 14th October, our beloved dog passed away after 13 glorious years. 13 years in dog years, would equal 91, or so they say, so in no means was he a young pup anymore. To say that his passing came as a shock would be an understatement, to have him playing around, eating and being a general pain the bum the day before, to finding him passed away by the back door the next morning was a shock. You always feel like no matter how old a dog or any animal gets, you will get some warning when the time comes, whether that’s not eating, having a bad tummy or panting harder, you will hopefully feel prepared as can be. Nevertheless, no matter how your pet dies, it’s bloody upsetting. Your whole life revolves around your pet, the little things like opening the door when they need to go out, ma
king sure their water is always filled up, thinking about who is going to feed the dog when you’re out late, making sure you don’t drop any food in case they come and swipe it; all these things are a part of your day to day life without you even realising, because it becomes normal. I’m already finding myself looking for him when I open a door and to find him not there, is pretty heartbreaking.

It’s really hard not to be morbid when writing this, I don’t want this to be all doom and gloom, so instead, I want to tell you about the really great times and memories I’ve had and shared with my beloved dog, Toby.

1. I got my dog when I was 10 years old. We went to see two puppies, Jack Russel Terriers, and we quickly made our decision and couldn’t resist Toby’s scruffy face.

2. He used to chew everything! I know puppies are meant to chew everything, but he simply could not keep his paws off kitchen chairs, wall paper, socks, shoes and anything he could find. 

3. He always used to fight with our cat and would always come away feeling deflated and pretty scratched up. 

4. You know that Bear Factory Shop, where you could build your own teddy and pick out clothes? Yeah, I used to squeeze my dog into the tracksuits, dungarees and dresses. He definitely hated it, but he looked adorable. 

5. When I came home from school, I would always find him sitting on the side of the armchair staring out the window, waiting for me to come home. For some reason, he always knew the time I would be coming back. 

6. Each morning, before he got too old, he would scratch and headbutt my bedroom door, to come bounding in and jump on my bed until I got up. This was particularly hated on when I was hungover.

7. He once ate a whole Easter egg. Including the chocolate liqueurs that came with it. 

8. When my friends came over, he would hump their legs like there was no tomorrow. 

9. He hated the sound of rustling, like crisp packets and carrier bags and he would run away, until you physically told him that he can come back. (This was a regular and somewhat annoying occurrence, because you could tell he was in a massive mood with you for eating crisps when he was in the same room)

10. He hated flies. He would run around the living room chasing and barking at them, until he killed them. 

I could list thousands of special memories with him, but these are some of my favourite. Importantly, he was the most loved dog in the whole world and I hope he knew it. It’s hard to not think about the lifeless body you last saw, but I feel like writing this all down has helped to think of the happier times that were shared. I also want to mention, that it’s hard for people to understand the loss of a pet when they have never had one for as long as I have, I get that, but if anyone has around you has lost one, then please be considerate. They are not just a fluffy animal, they are a member of your family and a companion that you share day in, day out with.

I hope this post has helped anyone that has recently lost a pet and shed some light on what it’s like to lose something important. If you’re lucky enough to still have your fluffy creature around, hug them, kiss them, give them a treat, don’t be mad at them when they breathe their smelly breathe on you, treasure every single moment, because animals don’t live forever. (If you have snakes, tarantulas or any pet that may bite, I do not recommend doing this)

If anyone has lost a pet, I would love to hear your thoughts and comments. I’m sure next Sunday will be a happier and lighter post for you to read, fingers crossed.

Lots of Love,




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