What I’ve been watching on Netflix

What I’ve been watching on Netflix

This may be surprising, but I only signed up to Netflix 3 months ago. I never quite understood the point of paying to watch TV, especially when I knew I wouldn’t have time to sit and binge a series. Admittedly, I’m much more of a soap person and a Channel 4 documentary person, please don’t judge. However, my life has changed and I’m now a “Netflix and chill” kinda gal. I don’t think I understood the vast amount of TV shows, films and old classics that are actually available and there’s something for whatever mood you’re in. Mind was blown.

Here are just a few things I’ve watched and enjoyed


This is perhaps one of my favourite shows. Ever. I binged watched it all in a weekend, all 3 series, and loved every minute of it. The episodes are short, only about 25 minutes each, so before you know it, you’ve watched a whole series. Lovesick was previously known as Scrotal Recall, eew, so it’s no surprise that it changed its name after the first season to Lovesick in 2016. Main character Dylan (Johnny Flynn) is diagnosed with chlamydia and the episodes follow him breaking the news to the women he’s been intimate with. In every episode there is a new woman, and we see flashbacks of these romances, but also his friendship blossoming with Evie (Antonia Thomas) and Luke (Daniel Ings). Think Fresh Meat crossed with a sickly romance novel, it’s the perfect combination of funny and heartwarming. What I love most about this show, is its portrayal on love and how relatable it is to the real world. It had me screaming at the screen, telling Dylan to open his eyes to see how Evie felt, but also leaving me with a lump in my throat when things never seemed to quite work out for both of them. The show doesn’t portray love as butterflies and rainbows, but something that is unexpected and in many different forms.


The end of the f***ing world

This show was originally aired on Channel 4 in October 2017, but I only discovered it since it became available on Netflix at the start of 2018. The programme follows James (Alex Lawther), a 17 year old boy who believes himself to be a psychopath and Alyssa (Jessica Barden) who is a rebellious teenager, seeking escape from her horrible home life. They both embark on an adventure together, with James having the intentions of killing Alyssa, and Alyssa with the intentions of finding her father. On watching it, my thoughts were how dark the show actually is, but on reflection, it shows how love and friendships blossom between unlikely and different people. They are both complete opposites, but the perfect match. The way both characters grow in each episode is what made me fixed to the screen, and how their relationship with each other twists and turns is what kept me coming back for more. I won’t spoil the ending for any of you, but there are so many unanswered questions that I really hope they bring out a second series asap. It also made me cry and a bit emotionally exhausted, you’ll have to watch it to see if you have the same reaction! There are eight episodes in total, with each being around 20 minutes each, so before you know it, the season is over.

Jane the Virgin

I’m not one for American comedy shows, I find them irritating and they don’t leave me in belly hurting laughter, compared to most people. So when I decided to try and give this a go, I was sceptical. However, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy watching it is and how it doesn’t try too hard to be funny, like some other American shows. Jane, who is played by Gina Rodriguez, falls pregnant after being accidentally artificially inseminated, but still remains a virgin. Eh? The episodes follow Jane trying to come to grips with her new fate, whilst trying to hold down a job and maintain a love life. Things aren’t easy for Jane and she encounters problems that all expectant mothers go through, but the show still tries to keep its satirical theme. I’m nearly at the end of season 1, so I’ve got a lot to get through, but I’m praying Jane gets back with Michael as he warms my heart, so no spoilers please!


The Sinner

Moving on from the comedy, love themes, which are clearly my favourite type of shows, The Sinner is something a little different. It is an American crime drama mystery that tells a story about a young mother who stabs a stranger to death, but is missing her memories. Cora Tennetti (Jessica Biel) is the main character who has a dark past and the episodes follow a sympathetic detective trying to unravel the mystery of why she killed a stranger. I love shows that make you want to know more, and this is no different. It is a series that follows why the crime was committed, and not on what actually happened which makes it so intriguing and addictive to watch. Despite Cora being a cold blooded murdered, I felt sympathy for her throughout each episode, which made me annoyed at myself! Who has sympathy for someone who kills someone in cold blood? I think they’re bringing our a second series which I can’t wait for and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the characters.

And the things I would not recommend on Netflix…


I watched this fairly recently and I just don’t get it. Maybe I need to sit down with someone who is a sci-fi fanatic to explain to me what the hell is happening..

Santa Clarita Diet

What even is this? I don’t find it funny, it’s just weird.

How To Get Away with Murder

I don’t like how it keeps jumping from different scenes, it’s too confusing and there’s so many seasons it put me off to try and keep watching.


I think with my choices there is a recurring theme, I love romance themed shows. I’m such a sucker for that kind of thing. I also love Gavin and Stacey, Broadchurch and Him & Her.

If anyone has any recommendations then let me know, I think I’m going to be keeping my netflix subscription for a while.


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