Wellness Week at Bauer Media

Wellness Week at Bauer Media

I’m lucky enough to work at one of the largest magazine publishers in Europe, Bauer Media. I’m even luckier to have experienced the first ever Wellness Week at Bauer Media and what it had to offer to all of its hundreds of employees at Media House in Peterborough. Wellness Week was all about giving employees some ‘me time’ and time to think about themselves and thrive. Whether that’s through fitness, happiness and mental health. For me in particular, Wellness Week was so needed, working in a busy deadline department and also a busy out of work life, things can be stressful and a bit mental. It was a chance to escape and of course, relax. Here are the highlights and the things I’ve learnt over the past week.


Thrive at Bauer Media

Fight The Belly Fat

I was sceptical about this talk. I’m a slimming world girl through and through since discovering how amazing and effective it was towards the end of last year. The whole counting your syns and weighing out your healthy extras is so in putted into my brain that I thought that whatever I was told in this session, I would still stick to my slimming world mentality. I was surprised. Dr Marilyn Glenville lead the inspiring talk on how to attack the belly fat and spoke about how the fat around your middle is so detrimental to your overall health, which is something I was shocked at.

Whether your male or female, belly fat gets us all, young or old, it’s there. It can contribute to tiredness, mood wings, inflammation, skin discolouration, ageing, concentration and digestive problems not to mention the strain it puts on all of your vital organs. She spoke about how to prevent it, rather than cure it and we all know there is no easy fix! The advice was to eat little and often, always check the labels as there’s often hidden sugars in products that claim to be ‘healthier,’ and to only eat essential fats. This would help with food cravings, more energy and as you reduce the sugar, your mood will get stable. This talk definite opened my eyes. Although slimming world has been a god send for me, I do eat far too much sugar and it’s no surprise I’m always reaching in the treat tin on my desk in the afternoon! If you want to find out more visit Dr Marilyn Glenville’s website here.

Dr Marilyn Glenville and Soul Happy


Back Massage with Soul Happy

Who doesn’t want to have a back massage whilst sat at their desk? Me, me me! As soon as I saw them coming round, I grabbed the opportunity and asked for a 10 minute massage, at the comfort of my desk! My god, it hurt. I never knew how tight and tense my shoulders were! Having an office job, means sitting at your desk for eight hours plus and you often stay in the same position, leading to build up of tension and those painful knots. It was agony, but it was worth it. Soul Happy are based in Peterborough so check them out! I felt relaxed and comfortable after, right in time for my beginners badminton session. Which leads me on nicely too…

Beginners Badminton

I loved badminton as a kid. It was the only sport that I actually didn’t mind getting sweaty for and the only sport I actually brought my PE kit in for, that and netball. Yes I was one of those kids! I’m not good at sport rules though, I prefer to go freestyle and often I just enjoy seeing how far I can hit the shuttlecock. In beginners badminton I learnt the rules and really enjoyed myself, despite being worse than I thought I was. I had a vision before that I’d be whizzing all over the court, doing sneaky shots, but I could barely hit it and I couldn’t stop laughing. Doing some kind of exercise on your lunch break definitely puts you in a great mood in the afternoon and something that I would definitely do again.

Running Q&A

So if you’ve read my previous post you would know that running a half marathon is on my 25 things to do before I’m 25 list. I was in desperate need of this session as I haven’t actually put my running shoes on since the Beast From the East hit. This is no excuse. Hearing tips and advice from people who used to hate running and now complete marathons was definitely inspiring and something that I needed to motivate myself to put my running shoes back on.

Electric Bikes At Lunchtime

Last but by no means least, my favourite part of the week, taking the electric bikes out at lunchtime! The hottest day of the year was spent biking round ferry meadows for an hour or so, and it was lovely. Getting out and sunning yourself whilst at work definitely put me in a good mood and something that I will continue. Maybe not on the expensive bikes (£2500!) but getting out and walking at lunch to get some essential Vitamin D to set you off for a motivated afternoon.

Here are just some of the highlights I was lucky enough to experience during Wellness Week. There were many other things going on, such as mental health talks, reflexology, tarot card reading and crystal healing, that I know a lot of people got a lot from.

I think, most of all, it’s taught me that your wellness, whether that’s happiness, health or physical health really does affect your work life. If you’re not feeling great, you don’t reach your full potential at work. You spend most of your week working, so you need to make sure that this time is spent feeling good, otherwise it will affect your life when you get home.

Has anyone else had wellness weeks at work? What did you do?


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