10 Things Coeliacs are Sick of Hearing

10 Things Coeliacs are Sick of Hearing


This post contains strong language and intense keyboard tapping.

Over the past two years, I’ve heard it all. People are quick to judge and comment about being ‘gluten free’ and Coeliacs but believe me, if you’ve spent hours on the toilet shitting your guts out, then you really wouldn’t know. Here are ten things I’m sick of hearing.

  1. Isn’t going Gluten Free another fad diet?

  2. The dreaded ‘fad’ word. It’s compared to the likes of hewhoshouldnotbenamed in the Coeliac world. Being unable to eat gluten is not a fad diet. Having slimming shakes and starving yourself for days are fad diets. Shall I call having Diabetes and cutting down sugar a fad diet? Or how about those lower cholesterol yoghurts you drink, are they a fad? No. So please don’t say it

  3. How do you live without bread?

  4. Believe it or not pretty well, because there are actually gluten free breads out there!

  5. The salad is gluten free

  6. Oh brilliant. I really wanted to come out for a meal and indulge myself with a nice hearty salad.

  7. Just take a bite it won’t hurt you

  8. Yes of course, I’ll just take a bite of gluten filled food and spend the whole day shitting as that’s my favourite thing to do, no problem.

  9. I used to be Coeliac

  10. Really? The last I heard was that Coeliac Disease is an incurable and life long condition. Well done you.

  11. Does that mean you can’t eat meat?

  12. Sorry what?

  13. I went gluten free because its so much healthier

  14. Gluten is a protein. Therefore unless you’ve been diagnosed with an intolerance there’s no reason for you to not eat gluten. Stop jumping on the bandwagon because you’re taking all the nice free from treats from Tescos.

  15. Yeah, I think that’s gluten free

  16. Hmm, you’re not reassuring me right now. I’m just going to leave.

  17. How do you live without takeaways?

  18. How do you eat those disgusting takeaways?! *Stares longingly at Mcdonalds cheeseburgers and kebabs*

  19. What happens when you eat gluten?

  20. You know what, pass me the cake and come with me to the bathroom for a full step by step guide.

I hope this has shed some light on the amount of bloody (stupid) questions I get asked. However, I can only assume that people just don’t know much about Coeliac Disease. There are around half a million people in the UK with undiagnosed Coeliac Disease, this speaks for itself. We really aren’t clued up on it. If people think that eating gluten free is a fad, then really, how are people going to get diagnosed? They wouldn’t put two and two together. It’s scary.

Let me know the things you’re sick of hearing!

For more information visit: https://www.coeliac.org.uk/home/

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