Pink Parcel May Box: Review

Pink Parcel May Box: Review

I’ve had 3 weeks away from blogging and I honestly can say it has done me the world of good. The hot Mallorca sun helps too and the dozens of mojitos consumed, right? Coming back from holiday knowing I will be on my period, means my Pink Parcel box came at the perfect time.

I’m not one of those of people that subscribe to these monthly boxes, I mean there’s a box for everything now! Socks, gin, skincare, there’s something for everyone’s hobbies out there. However, I often find that they’re a bit of a waste and underwhelming as they’re so hit and miss with the products you get. Maybe I’m going wrong somewhere? Please help!

I’ve seen Pink Parcel floating around on my timeline and I thought, you know what, I’m going to bite the bullet and give it a go. Pink Parcel were also doing an offer on at the time, which made it all the more worthwhile. For those of you that don’t know, Pink Parcel is your period subscription box, that helps you get through the time of the month. We all know how much we need a pick me up for those seven days of the month, and if it’s delivered to my door, I don’t even need to leave the house, fabulous. Their priority is to make women feel great and they supply you with essentials for now, night and for later. Not to mention the beauty, skincare, lifestyle and edible treats included as well.

So what was in my May Pink Parcel box?

The box is separated into compartments, for you, for night, for now and for later, and inside is everything you need. Let’s start with the essentials for now. On subscribing, you choose your prefered ‘period essential,’ whether that’s pads or tampons, there’s a range of different brands to choose from. Us girls have a preference! (I do anyway, is that weird?!)

The For Now is packaged in a pretty cotton, drawstring bag and contains the essentials for when you’re just about to be due on i.e tampons or pantyliners. I love how Pink Parcel have done this. I’m a sucker for just sticking loose tampons in my bag, and on numerous occasions I’ve pulled something out of my bag and a lone tampon rolls out, mortifying. I’m lazy and often in a rush, so I fling everything in my bag, and yes this is me making excuses for my pure laziness.This little bag is a great idea, and something that can be popped into your handbag, without looking obvious, and conceals them. It’s also great to carry around when you ‘think you might be due on.’ Periods are sporadic and trust me, there’s nothing worse than coming on your period and you have nothing to hand.


The For Night is pretty much self explanatory and contains pads for the night time, that will see you through your period.

The For Later is filled with tampons or pads that will see you through the week. There’s enough to last you through your time of the month, so no emergency trip to the corner shop.

I love how they’ve separated them into these categories. This idea would be great for younger girls who have just started their periods. It makes it feel exciting each month to see what you’re going to get. I don’t know about you, but when I was in my teens I was so embarrassed about going to the shop to get my monthly supplies, I still am a bit!

Now for the exciting stuff…

For You

Conscious – Organic Raw Chocolate

Now who doesn’t need chocolate when you’re on your period? The chocolate is 85% cocoa, which means it’s heavenly rick and gives you the perfect pick me up that you need. It’s free from dairy, soya and gluten (yay!) and melts in your mouth and tastes divine. Pink Parcel have done well here!

Drink Me Chai – Spice Chai Latte

Hot drinks are my saviour when its my time of the month, that and my hot water bottle! There’s just something about the heat that soothes your stomach cramps and just general tiredness. The spice of the drink gives it a Winter feel I think, making you feel nice and cozy. It’s also only 68 calories, but who counts calories when on your period?

Anatomicals – Sud the lot of you body cleanser

I’m pretty sure the name sums up every girl on their period! This body cleanser literally smells so good! It’s Papaya and Mango, and is a real summer scent that sticks to your skin for hours and makes you feel fresh. It’s also really soothing and soft on your skin, I just wish it came in bigger packaging.

Naobay – Orange Juice Hand cream

I don’t think I’ve ever smelt a beauty product¬† that actually smells like it’s meant to. It’s so sweet and delicious and leaves your hands silky soft, and not greasy. It’s also in a 35ml tube, which is a great size and perfect for popping into your bag.

Vegan – by Dr Botanicals – Coconut Oil Rejuvenating Body Exfoliating Bar

I’m not going to lie, but the smell of coconut makes me feel funny. The scent of coconut is so strong in this product, so if you love the smell, you’d really like this. I did try it and it did make my skin soft, but I just can’t get past the smell. It’s a great size and heavy, so I’m sure it will go a long way!

Optiat – Nourishing & Hydrating Face Mask

Everyone deserves a pamper, especially on those dreaded seven days of the month. There’s nothing better than sinking into a hot bath and easing your cramps. The face mask is unusual, and something I’ve only ever tried a handful of times. It’s a powder that you add a couple of drops of warm water to, to make into a paste and leave on for ten minutes. The smell of marshmallows hits you instantly and the charcoal really delves into your skin to cleanse. I wouldn’t say this is my favourite face mask I’ve ever used, but it did the job and made my skin soft and rejuvenated.

Laritzy Cosmetics – Lip Pencil

Finally, onto make up! The lip pencil colour I received was called Jewel, which is a lovely deep purple shade and a colour I don’t actually own. It’s really pigmented and creamy to put on which I loved. I’ve never heard of the brand before, but I was impressed with the quality of it. I think it’s important to feel beautiful, even if you are on your period, and the added make up product really helps.

Pink Parcel is a wonderful idea for a subscription box. Women get so bogged down during their time of the month, whether that’s stomach cramps, cravings, spots and just general feelings of being down; everyone needs a pick me up sometimes. Pink Parcel just does that.

On subscribing, you can select your preferred date, so your parcel will be there just in time for your period and will be so every month. It’s all about convenience and helping you out in the situation which I really love. You can also change your chosen period products or delivery dates through your online account, so you get a chance to try different tampons and pads. You don’t really want to be staring at the tampon aisle in your local supermarket for too long!

The monthly plan is ¬£12.99 a month and has free delivery. Or you can choose to do one off payments. It’s really affordable for the amount you get. There are all sorts of promotions and discount codes out there too, so if you’re unsure, have a hunt around on google.

See what Pink Parcel has to offer here

Happy Periods!




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