Ten Things I’ve Learnt From Love Island So Far

Ten Things I’ve Learnt From Love Island So Far

Can you believe it’s already been three weeks since the new series of Love Island? Time goes so quick when you’re delving yourself into reality TV every night. I’m not ashamed to say that I am a Love Island addict and a little bit obsessed with trash TV. I’m even writing a blog post about it! I think what makes it so enjoyable and addictive to watch, is the fact that the relationships are relatable. Yes, the girls are all parading themselves with their tiny frames, big boobs and big bum and the guys are in perfected six packs, but when you look past the exterior, you realise that even the people who look perfect on the outside, don’t actually feel perfect on the inside.

This is relatable in so many ways. Love Island showcases what it’s like to form relationships without social media and to actually talk to someone you fancy from the off. I don’t think we do that nowadays and it’s something we can learn from.

Well, that’s enough of the Love Island promotion and fan girling…here’s what I’ve learnt and thought so far…

  1. Dads bods rule

    Yes, I’m jumping on the bandwagon on this. Compared to the rest of the gym goer guys Jack does have a ‘dad bod’ physique, and he is the sweetest out of the lot of them. Is that a coincidence? Do we now brand all ‘Dad Bods,’ as the nicest type of guy? I’m not sure on this . However, it just goes to show guys that you don’t need to be muscular and ripped to nab the girl. Girls like PERSONALITY too!

    Jack Love Island

  2. Age isn’t a barrier

    Wes and Laura have been together from the start. He’s 20 and she’s 29 and ‘on paper’ seems like an unlikely match. It just proves that age is just a number, and if you really like someone, you should go for it. Although I’m still trying to figure out if their relationship is genuine…

    Wes and Laura Love Island

  3. Fuck Boys Still Exist

    Ugh, the dreaded fuck boys. They’re still out there and us girls need to stick together, because if there are more Adams out there we’re going to be in trouble. Yes he’s gorgeous, yes his body is ridiculous, but he treats women in such a disgusting manner. When he gets out, I think he’s going to have some serious backlash and maybe this time, women won’t be falling at his feet.

    Adam Love Island

  4. Rosie deserves a medal

    Rosie is the epitome of ‘a girl that his been fucked over by a guy,’ and I think she handled the confrontation with Adam perfectly. I honestly don’t know how she did it. I was screaming at the TV chanting ‘hit him’ and ‘shout at him,’ but maybe that’s a reflection on me and how I probably would have handled the situation! She kept her cool why he was smiling at her after she told him he hurt her and didn’t lose her shit. Bravo Rosie, bravo. *Strut Walks Away*

    Rosie Love Island

  5. Your career doesn’t get the girl

    I can’t believe Alex the Doctor has waited this long to get the girl. What are these girls thinking?! He’s a Doctor, he’s good looking and he’s adorable. Why oh why does everyone keep going for the bad boys. It goes to show no matter what career you have, even if you are a bloody doctor, it’s not a game changer. It gives hope to people who are in dead end jobs, that it really doesn’t matter to women what you do. Don’t worry Alex, I would have stepped forward to you…

  6. Why does no one go in the pool?

    I don’t get this, no one ever seems to be in the pool! It must be what, 30 degrees in Mallorca and after coming back from my holiday three weeks ago, I can confirm, it is bloody hot. If my hotel pool looked like that, I’d be diving, bombing, swimming in it until my heart’s content. Seriously guys, don’t worry about your hair and make up, just get in!

  7. Why has no one put on weight?

    It amazes me how the contestants look BETTER now than what they did when they arrived. Why haven’t they gained holiday chub? Do they even eat? It baffles me and makes me incredibly envious.

  8. Hayley does not help us blondes out there

    Blondes are known for being ‘bimbos’ and Hayley really did not do us fellow blondes any favours. Not knowing what Brexit was or whether England was a country made me die in shame. She’s such a beautiful girl that it was a shame she lacked common sense and just basic ‘life knowledge.’

  9. Relationships move so quickly in the villa

    After day four everyone was catching feelings for each other and getting paranoid that they might leave them. What?! On the outside world, you’re lucky if you’ll get a text back within four days, but in the villa it goes 0 – 100 very quickly.

  10. Misguided have some banging clothes

    I’ve never really been a misguided fan but jesus, have they stepped up their game for Love Island?

Whether you love it or hate it, Love Island is all what people are talking about. That and, what’s that football competition again…erm…? It’s a chance to escape and watch people fall in love, fall out and form bonds with the contestants. We all have that one couple we’re rooting for.

What does everyone think of series 4 of Love Island so far?


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